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Studies show that staging a home will bring you a higher selling price, often significantly above the asking price. As found in a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp., staged homes typically sold for 6% above the asking price.

NAR reports that a 1-3% investment on home staging shows an 8-10% return! A small investment into making a house look at it’s best will pay off when a buyer sees all the potential that has been highlighted with great staging.

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81% of Buyers Say Home Staging Makes it Easier to Visualize the Property As Their Future Home “Mentally Move-In”

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We understand that houses should have personality, while still having a neutral approach that will appeal to a wide variety of home buyers. Our goal is to make your property stand above the competition.

We’ve developed a comprehensive process for staging a property to help get our clients the best (and fastest) results possible. This is accomplished through either an onsite consultation and proposal or an Assessment.

Only needing advice and guidance?

A Staging Critique

A staging critique is when out team will arrive to your property and go room by room through the home. It’s a thorough walkthrough and after 24 hours, a detailed report will be provided to you on what exactly needs to be done to properly stage your property.

There is a one-time fee for an assessment and you will be billed once you receive the report. If you decide not to personally undertake the project, we’re happy to provide you with a proposal. If you’d like help with any details in the report, we’re happy to provide a bid to handle any of those tasks. We’re also more than happy to help you customize a plan to fit your budget.

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